On the wire


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Recorded mixed and mastered by Makazoruki
Cover by Deni Husic


released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


MAKAZORUKI Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: fatamorgana

Without shame i look at your face
Do I have to tickle you
Do I have to make you laugh
But you laugh, you laugh, you laugh
You doodle on glass than wipe it off
Again with your breath new surface is there
So crooked lines you could smear
With no sound new lines appear
While a dog runs on the street
Carrying a puppy in her mug
Do you laugh, laugh at what you see
Or would you rather make love to me
Kiss me the night is young
Dance in light i will play all the time
We are to rich to trust in god
Audience decided it’s last time
Track Name: blurry pictures
Blurry Pictures

What’s going on inside my head
I can see your smile as I’m circling down

You stole the sunlight from my heart
You came to me out of my dreams

I always hoped as this feeling grows
I sacrificed my selfish world

You twist my mind when you come around
You turned my whole world upside down

The cows dancing some famous dance
Seldom trees, the pictures change
Two bicycle lights are dragons eyes
Land is dry, the horse is wild

She is my light she is my guide
She is the princess of the dark
And she dances among the trees
I jump around and I fall on my knees
I hope this party will always stay
Danced naked in the rain

We’re carolling trough the dark night
We will build a big house of love
Hundred roses in the yard
Blurry pictures in my mind
Cats and dogs and cows and horses
Dancing early in the morning
Track Name: 1980

I still remember their shaved heads
two boys walking out of the shade, careless
Our mothers whom we love so much
they sat by the river, knitting the rainbow

Kids on the block on holiday, they wake me up with their songs
A dog is barking in front of the window, he waits to jump into my hug
Happy music's on the radio, my father’s face covered in dew
As he stands in front of the mirror, watching the moustache he grew

Picture of you and me rewind, our city dressed in black and white
its seems just like a sea of sound, the noise of heavy tools around
Just like its gonna storm again

Tie your shoes for the party
Tomorrow is a new day
Tie your shoes for the party
Tomorrow has to wait
Track Name: deja vu
Deja Vu

Juče vidjeh ljude kako jedu pseću hranu slasno
Dok na drugoj strani ceste zvijeri vode ljubav strasno
Danas vidim žene gaze govna
Slika više nije bolna
Zmije kriju noge u usta se ljube
Berberi čupaju zube

Sklopljene oči ugrađuju u šupljinu očnu
Nadam se da danas nećeš uspjeti doći
Vani mrak već je pao, a svjetlu treba mnogo
Još mnogo vremena da probije tamne oblake

Pseću hranu jesti moraju da izmjere svoju ljutnju
Zvijeri vode ljubav strasno da razbistre vodu mutnu
Nemoj više pognut glavu
Nego što je potrebno
Da stave ti naočale
Kojim sve ćes vidjet ti

Vidim dok stojim
Da zid se boji
Danas u plavo
Sutra zeleno
Crvena pička
Iz džepa viri
Tijelo nago
Bolestan žmiri
Miris se širi
Track Name: in vino veritas
In Vino Veritas

Suddenly appears
In the front of me
Scene I’d rather Scene I’d rather not to see
Why you ask
Only an answer to get

Picture from the wall
Grinning at me
My legs are shaking again
Paranoia I’m gonna loose what
I’m gonna loose what
I would die for

Slowly I move my muscles
To roll under your feet
As you from the garden
Are smiling at me
Slowly I move my muscles
To roll under your feet
As you from the garden
My arms will hug again

Wine is wetting my lips
My body kissing your tits
Empty stables
They feed horses outside
I offer my arms to the sky
Prickly thorns with knife I cut
Circling with finger
Waking with the whisper

Wheat wattles, wealth of ours
Whipping me across the chest
I’m gonna loose what
I would die for
Wheat wattles, wealth of ours
Whipping me across the chest
Track Name: world of lunatics
A World Of Lunatics

Between two shores I'm swimming
Floating, the river's taking me away
And I'm not trying to manoeuvre,
because there is no use of that

I'm not resisting at all,
the river mute is taking me away

Between the roadsides the snow melts down
I am dragging myself through the whiteness
half naked and squatted
In one direction because I don't know any other

Though I don't even know the one i'm dragging myself by
And I'm fearing because everything’s silent
because everything’s silent again
I wonder why if I'm wearing a mask
Nobody should notice me
With a thick brush I am bringing the colour on
Swinging in sweat
I'm painting a door so I could get out

A world of lunatics
Track Name: pucanj nije brisan
Pucanj Nije Brisan

Vođen za ruku slijepo poslušan
U strahu da pokucaš na prava vrata
Još jednom prevrćeš po svojim džepovima
Iz korica vadiš pištolj njim vješto barataš
I nadaš se da sve brzo će proći
Ako oroz povučeš da mir će doći

Očisti tijelo od krvi I blata
Ne dozvoli da od tebe naprave cilj
Ne mari zato jer drugi te vide
Prošetaj slobodno nagost u maju
Ne nadaj se da sve brzo će proći
Ako oroz povučes da mir ce doći

Hodanje žicom u snu dok spavaš
Tamo gdje riječ značenje gubi
Tamo kita ne miruje nikad
Muzika prestaje da svira
Testisi vise na štriku se suše

Sigurno ne želiš tamo da stigneš
Za kosu vuče šakom tuče
Ti još uvijek možeš da biraš
Kuvane glave na pladnju služe
Track Name: control

He's lost control he's walking
on the street, on the street
His nudity is so real he doesn’t feel
He doesn't try to run away
He’s sleepwalking through his neighbourhood
In his head the army on the field
Thirsty bloody day

Remove remove the hands from your face
In troubled water you don't recognize yourself
It doesn't matter what happened in the past
In troubled water you couldn't open your mind

Remove the hands from your face
It doesn't help if you pray
Do not worry about war paint on your face
You can wash your face
But you couldn't erase the trace
Track Name: rudolf

Her name is Rudolf
She’s a great card player
She wears pointy shoes
When she plays party goes on

As her friend beats his drums
My body moves with rhythm
She strikes her guitar like a pro
People are dancing party is on

With her cards she beats us all
Counts her money and smiles
She controls our fate
While beating us with her stories

And everybody would like to die
If only to kiss her once
While the crowd dreams of her naked
Rudolph loves to be adored

Her name is Rudolph
In black stockings she looks good
I’m scared she won’t see me
As I walked head upside down

Twenty years ago
Rudolph walked streets
And under his jeans
Wearing his sister panties
Track Name: skeleton

Skeletal figure on his body he sticks,
Snaps the fingers, in happiness dives
Fallen light erases the scribbles
And dries bloody stain on the paper

While chattering his teeth
Amazed, he dances away
His creepy smile stares at the bird
That hides her legs in the nest

Have no fear, oh don’t be afraid
It is just your soul creeping from the dark
Keep the box closed
Time to open, it will come

Orange coloured fool, oh so drunk
Carries a cake and happy he begs so shoes he can buy